Highly regarded prospective participants,

It is with overwhelming pride and pleasure that I welcome you to the 2nd session of Cihat Kora Model UN on behalf of Secretary-General E. Ilgın BAYSAN and esteemed members of our Teams. Last year we had chosen equality as our conference’s theme, for we believed that inequality is a reality that should be debated globally, both for it to decline and for us to understand its roots and how it shapes our daily lives. Since equality and justice are two concepts deeply intertwined and often mistaken for one another, our rationale behind the deciding of this year’s theme was to present you with something that is somewhat a sequel.

From the earlier works of Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and his protégé Aristotle to modern-day discussions mainly led by the works of John Rawls, the definition of justice has always been a controversy. Surely our expectations from a just person or a just administration differ pursuant to our own spiritual beliefs and cultures, among many other determinants, but it would not be inaccurate to argue that the core of justice is the respect one has for each person’s individuality and fair distribution of sources, whatever those may be. Justice may or may not be relative, yet the need for justice is most definitely universal.

It has been long discussed who has the authority, or rather the competency, to distribute justice; however, since it is an everlasting debate that will not be coming to a conclusion soon, we believe that it is each and every individual’s right, and even duty to seek justice.

We have chosen “Justice for All” as this year’s theme, because it is our sincerest wish and aim that when CKMUN 2018 is adjourned after four unforgettable and extraordinary days, you are adept, and more importantly, eager to demand justice, not just for yourself, but for those who are unable to do so as well.

I am enormously thrilled to host you in Cihat Kora Anatolian High School on 20-23 January 2018, where you will be the ones distributing justice.



Director-General of Cihat Kora Model United Nations Conference 2018